Griset Medicare Solutions (UX / UI Design)

Project Scope

Project Scope

This was a website redesign for Griset Medicare Solutions. The site promotes Dan Griset's services as an independent Medicare agent, who is looking to help the senior community to enroll in Medicare.

The problem with his previous website was that old his intake form was not responsive and very long, hence very difficult to use on mobile and to complete in general, in addition, he wanted to have the ability to easily edit his site, which was not possible with his old site since it was a custom site.

I proposed to make a brand new website with a theme that he could edit through WordPress backend, as well as developing new forms that would only ask for essential contact information from user and logic so that Daniel has targeted information of the user for his call.

This change raised the form conversion rate by 20%. For this design, I kept his old branding colors given that he had marketing materials with this specific branding that he still wanted to use.

Home Page

Home Page

Click to view previous home page design.

For the redesign, I focused on keeping the content concise and on the value of getting a personal free evaluation from this independent agent with years of experience.

I also included call to actions within the content and after value, statements to get users to engage with the site. The internal pages were based on a mobile-first approach with anchor links on chunks on the information.  View Here.

Previous Form Design

As you can see this was an extensive and cluttered form. Working with the client we determined that the users contact information is the essential items to establish a connection, and that through that call he can fill in the rest.

New Form Design

For the new form we only asked for contact information and essential plan information that would allow him to have the resources he needs to maximize the help from the first call.